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Exchange Programs for Portuguese Learners Shedding Lights
Source: HCFS | Date:2013/4/20

Overseas study as exchange students has been a corner pocket for around 250 students majoring the Portuguese language in our college. Recently, after repeated talk with Fox company, may be able to expect to get into connection with the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (IPB) for the development of program of exchange students.

IPB is a Portuguese Higher Education Public Institution with 7000 undergraduate and master students, embracing a wide area of knowledge and technology, including agriculture sciences, arts and sports, education and teachers’ training, informatics and engineering, administration and management, health, communication and tourism.

IPB has an internationalization program with widely recognized success, including the annual mobility of more than 700 incoming and outgoing students and 200 teaching staff members, as the result of the collaboration with several higher education institutions from all over the World.

Nowadays the IPB is a multicultural institution, where 10% of its students are international students. IPB offers to all of its international students a unique opportunity to study and live in a young and innovative academic atmosphere.

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